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I have been contracting since 2001 and have worked for numerous companies and projects over the years. You are more than welcome to request a copy of my CV via the contact page. I am currently not on the lookout, as I am busy working with PCL just outside of Leatherhead, in Surrey. I am always happy to network with people via LinkedIn in the meanwhile.

Software House

HeadForCode is a trading name for Nick Lewis Ltd our registered company. We are working more frequently with other Developers, ranging from apprentices, through to highly experienced professionals. We are currently looking for exciting new ways to develop the next generation of products on the web and mobile platforms.


We abandoned Wordpress and Drupal some time ago after we realised it is possible to build for the web using a combination of technologies that aren't reliant on database back-ends or the dreaded security patches. Above all else we can fully embrace the technologies we love to work with, JavasCript, HTML & CSS - pure frontend code.

No Servers?

We haven't turned our backs on back-ends at all, we just use them in a different way nowadays. We have a wealth of experience in working with GraphCool, Serverless, StdLib and anything that can be coded with a little bit of NodeJS. Part of the JAMStack approach is that you can pull data from an API in order to generate your static content, deploy that to a CDN and your customers get to experience lightning fast websites.