We Teach. We Consult. We Solve.


We are learning all of the time and we love to share our experiences with clients and the development community. We can provide bespoke training to help developers at your business up-skill.


Have you ever considered augmenting your business with a developer who can provide frequent solutions for it? We work remotely and you can reach us during normal working hours via popular telecomms technology (Skype, Hangouts etc).


We have a wealth of experience working with all kinds of business across a wealth of marketplaces. So are just as happy to take over on existing projects as we are starting from scratch.

What next?

We are currently spending time on building this website further so that we can provide a wide range of training resources online, so that you can learn new skills at your own pace.


GraphCool is a backend-as-a-service (BaaS) solution that we use for developing our back-ends where a CMS is too rigid for our needs. GraphCool also offers serverless functions which we use extensively for API automation.


GraphCMS is built on top of GraphCool and is a headless CMS solution meaning that we have masses of flexibility in developing web applications any way we choose. GraphCMS is also a great product for our clients to use and we offer training to help you learn how to update your own content!


We use Buffer for scheduling social media messages ahead of time. We are working on a number of ideas where we can automate social media messages based on user interactions within other applications. This delivers a lot of potential in terms of digital transformation for any business or organisation.


Gatsby is a static website generator that works in tandem with the other technologies listed here on this page and many more. Our website is built using it and we want to help you build sites with it too!