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Latest Projects

Farnborough Guide

Since we are based in Farnborough Hampshire, we came up with the idea of building an events social promotion system. It makes use of various innovative new technologies and aims to become a valuable resource to businesses and individuals across the town.

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Learn with us

Learn how to build websites with React and Gatsby plus all of the trimmings. Keep an eye open for a new series of courses we are putting together. We will also be providing bespoke training for those who wish to learn on a one-to-one basis.

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Gatsby Starters

We have adopted Gatsby as a primary tool for building static websites and it is gaining massive support from fellow web developers. However you often need a little more help when it comes to starting new projects. Watch out for our premium starter kit shop in 2018!

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Requirements Analysis

Understanding the client's needs is a crucial step in every project right from the start through to the end. We always provide a FREE initial consultation to ensure that we are 100% in support of your project before we start.

Project Management

We plan each project to include a certain amount of requirements analysis time and then take care of the ongoing project lifecycle so that you the client know the projected timescale of the work we are undertaking for you.

Monitoring & Analytics

The process of monitoring projects comes in many forms. On the one hand there is analytics which helps us inform you on the performance of your application or site. Then on the other there are tools for keeping an eye on the health of projects.

Digital Transformation

We help both businesses and organisations transform their activities, processes, competencies and models to adopt and embrace a plethora of digital technologies. The world is changing at a rapid pace and our goal is to help you stay ahead.

Agile Methods

Agile is the core of the Digital Transformation process, it is not just a working practice, it is a philosophy that has disrupted not just the Tech industry but was founded in the Automotive World. It has translated well to other industries, especially IT.

Change Management

We work with a multitude of client projects and through meticulous project management practices, we ensure that changes to projects are deployed seemlessly with the minimal impact upon your business, sites, applications or servers. Our goal is to ensure 100% up-time!

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